R.I.P TFF – 2010-2012

Welcome toย the homepage of

The Freedom Fighters Clan.

This clan is now over and all members have left.ย 

The website stays in memory of the most dominant and without a doubt, the most famous MC2 clan of all time.

Take a look at the pages and memories of what will never, ever be forgotten.


Enjoy the Site!!!


TFF Youtube Channel is back!

So, one summers afternoon.. jk lmao nah basically, I had just come back from my holiday from Spain and I was feeling abit nostalgic.

So I wanted to check out some of the old TFF videos from way back and I realised that there was no TFF channel ๐Ÿ˜ I was like DAFUQ! all those videos gone maynn. So I tried to get it back by appealing to YT. Long story cut short, it turned out they suspended it for a while cause of some breaching bullshit community guideline thing. So now the channel is back up! ๐Ÿ˜€ however.. they have removed a few old videos, not all of them as they were violating some rules. But other than that, alot of the classic mc2 vids are there.

TFF Youtube

This is antion btw incase you were wondering ๐Ÿ˜›

It’s been so long since TFF has been disbanded (well feels like it anyway) but yeah feels weird making a post again.

If you happen to read this and you’re from the old mc2 days or a former TFF member, leave a comment and
lemme know whats been happening! Whether it be personal or clan related.

That’s if anyone still checks this website as the views are nothing compared to what they used to be.

Anyway peace my niqqs.


TFF One Year Anniversary : A History


We were gonna do so much more for this post but because my wifi has been a bitch and the whole NSE/TFF change, it just didn’t work out. So instead i’m gonna write some of the main shit that happened in TFF since its birth (no that doesn’t mean it came out of oag’s vagina..)

So lets start off with me, Antionist ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
I think it was on october 15th when I joined the old OAG (the sexiest oag) and i’d been playing mc2 for like 8 days since it came out. Headshot aka CJ let me join (cause i had a 1.4kdr, beasty shit ik) and yeah, i think i met five oag’s in what were to be the next five days before the start of TFF. These were: CJ, redder, hydro, critics and general. All of them are pretty much retired now, but ya i talked and played with these guys quite a bit for the next 5 days, they were all pretty cool. Then on October 20th 2010 (well really Oct 19th coz of the time difference) i go on the oag site and see “OAG IS OVER” with some post about it going and “it doesnt matter what you put as a comment, its gone” or something. So.. Myself (who was pissed off at the time) thought “fuck it” and decided to start my own clan. This was DOD (Dare or Die) which was the name I thought of first but realised it was kinda gay so then i thought of TFF (The Freedom Fighters) which was much better because i asked the old oag’s to join to be apart of it and also just because something has ended, doesn’t mean its the real “end”. So yeah after it ended, i created a site for TFF on the same day as OAD died and (because palringo was non-existant to us at that time) i msg’d every old oag member i could find on gl live telling them about TFF. The first member that joined was Redder who i made 2nd leader of TFF (this guy was rather noobish if i say so myself) then GeneralW joined who i made 3rd leader (he was a bit better) and started recruiting. Other old oag’s like nastynas, hydro, iMak, cRiTiCs etc. Joined in the coming weeks. Another member called DanTheMan (wasn’t an oag) but he is someone who is just memorable for some reason, pretty cool guy. As the weeks went on, a new player called CairoXD aka Veteran joined TFF on nov 6th(wanting to join TTFF at the time) and i actually let him into TFF because his kdr was good enough. This dude pretty much created the legendary divisions called OR/PF for TFF which every member had to put on their names (back in the days before gay subclans like FB5 were born).

About two weeks later, two british players joined TFF/TTFF (MisTikaL and Kuzal80) on nov 15th-17th. Kuzal got into TFF and the OR division straight away (coz of his kdr) and misty joined TTFF (but she also improved over time and got into OR). Cairo was a big fan of kuzal and myself, kuzal, misty and cairo played a lot in the next two weeks where we first saw kuzal doing a technique unknown to all of us at the time. This was the butterfly, a side to side straff technique that ended up being used by 90% of clans all over MC2. Kuzal was a master of it, we trained with him and all became pretty great with it. At the end of november, another great player called Divine who used to be in SAE before kash fucked it up (harhar) joined us and well he was our first sexy asian sniper. He was also the namer of kuzal’s technique “the butterfly”. We also had our first CW versus the old XG (best XG) where we pwned them on warehouse and they trash-talked on palringo (first time we were on pal) saying that we only killed our only members even though it was a FFA and thats supplementary for that to happen. And even though it was old XG, they still had gay members like altim8 who failed in the CW (check tff clan battles page) so yeah.

December was probably the ultimate completion of the first generation because in this month, great members such as: Paulin, dot, fried, seditz, marcowin, axel/gay garuda, elipod etc. joined us and gave us the popularity we deserved through pal, youtube and on mc2. This was TFF’s “glory days”.

In the months from Jan-Mar is when our second generation blew up. This consisted of: Rice, Luis, Beast, 1337, Alex, Invictus, iExto, Rekill, Reshot, Korekane, Homicide, Reflex etc. who were also amazing players who helped on a lot more cw’s than the first. Rice also helped liven up the site a bit more too with his artwork and epic avatars. Probably one of the best time periods TFF ever had because the first and second generation were mixed and it was pure sexiness.

Then came the final third generation which was cobra, drag, pizza, lone, slasher, kane, spider, dante etc. who kept TFF going when the oldies had retired and moved on and kept us as one of the best clans to be on MC2. Every generation helped the clan greatly and I thank each and every member that was in TFF. We Even had surprising members that joined for short times (fiercemarine, kash, cj, mari etc.) which was fun (except kash). Another unbelievable achievement is the youtube channel which is THE most popular/viewed mc2 clan channel on youtube with videos that went up to 80k views eventually. Also the astonishing TFF site with 140k hits (fuckin sexy) and just every part of TFF is truly one of a kind.

It’s just amazing how far this clan has come, despite the losses/beef/bannings, the loyal people that have stayed tff since they joined (misty, kuz, cairo, divine, dante, slasher, drag, cobra etc) i thank you guys the upmost for always being here and never giving up. In one year, to have done the amount of stuff this clan has done is just… Amazing.

When MC3 is out, i hope i can write twice as much as this about TFF this time next year when its our second anniversary. T.F.F.

“Alone we are strong, Together we are INVINCIBLE!”

Hope you enjoyed that bible… Post* ๐Ÿ˜‰

-Laterz people.



As i’m sure ur all aware, my groups and my acc got accessed and banned again by (i’m pretty sure) it was derp. This little fucking kid needs to grow the fuck up and get a fucking life. It’s the second time he did it and it was something i was worrying he would do ever since he did it the first time. People have already said “why not put a pw on the group then leave it?” but even then if anyone got into my acc again all they would have to do is rejoin the group -.- and btw… My old acc is gone now. Completely. Derp or whoever has got it now which is really fucked up because thats my main acc and idk what other groups he banned -.-

I’m just using a new acc now. I’ve made completely new groups which are [tff_clan] and [-mc3 chat-] pls join both and help ad for them cause im not doing the ad-ing for these again (ESPECIALLY mc3 chat which i got the members back for and it got banned again -.-) plus i still havnt got wifi and its been a month and well.. I just cba.

If i ever do get hacked again (which i really doubt because this is a brand new acc) i’m just leaving this shit and coming on tff site like i used to and using the xat chat instead. Irdc, i’ve got bigger shit to deal with than some lowlife kid who thinks hes getting attention when really, he’s probably one of the most hated bitches around.


KidAndy Joins TFF!


Today, a former XG/SR9 legend called KidAndy requested to join TFF and i’ve said yes ๐Ÿ™‚ He is a great player who was in the second gen of XG and one of the members of the SR9 Clan.

He said he really wants to be apart of the great clan and will help as much as he can on our mc3 start. It’s a great addition to the clan and we look forward to playing with you Andy ๐Ÿ™‚ Welcome him to TFF!

On some last notes, we have 20 members in TFF now (i’m sure) and we’ll go back to a 24 member limit but two of the spots are pretty much sealed for two other players so we really just have 2 spots left. And also, TFF anniversary is in a FEW DAYS now! :O

-That is all ๐Ÿ˜‰

New Member!!!!!!

Now u all know how NSE has ended and TFF has reborn ๐Ÿ˜€

We will stay still and be strong from now on

But, now I have an announcement for our newest member in TFF ๐Ÿ˜€

I present u….


He’s been wanting to join TFF for I guess some time and I accepted him

He’s an ex-sb (one of the best SB’s) and has insane skills, played with him in a private match yesterday and he’s beast!

So WELCOME Gear to the family guys ๐Ÿ˜€

TFF is Back

This post has been put up on both the NSE and TFF sites just to make everything clear.

Okay so i’ve heard a lot of people saying they want TFF back because it was just one of those clans that had a better ring to it, most of the community would chill in our chat and our skill level was still great. I’ve seen that ever since NSE was made, the atmosphere that we had in TFF had gone. Things on pal became a lot more dead and there was also a lot of beef shit that happened. And a lot of former TFF members (the few elites that left) was saying that it never felt the same. And i guess the loss to USMC just angered me a lot so I thought we needed to move to a new clan but it just made things worse. I thought NSE had a chance but now i’ve seen it isn’t really and TFF is where I and all of us belong.
Sorry if some of you were getting excited for NSE (not that it seemed like there was) but yeah, we’re heading back as good old TFF ๐Ÿ™‚

Now the current members from NSE will move back to TFF and i would’ve made CJ a leader of TFF but he doesn’t seem interested anymore, idk. KillA will stay co-leader but we won’t be recruiting the TFF members that got kicked… Like i said, we may be going back but we’re staying elite. All NSE members have been pmed about the new private chat too.

Last thing. Most of the tff group has been unbanned. Also swedish that used to be in DON has joined us. And the beef between me n ipwn n cj is over.. It was a lot of misunderstanding which i admit on my part but cj had his own shit with ipwn so yeah. That means the beef between bw and nse/tff too. We just want things to go back to normal between the two clans. As for avenger/kang, they will remain banned in my groups forever. That’s for my own reasons. I don’t want their negativity shit in my chat.

-That is all. TFF โค


Good evening from Germany!

The title says it all. I’m going to retire from MC2. Well, not from the whole MC2 community.

I’ll stop playing public 99%. But I’ll be active at the training sessions, and I’ll play some private matches, too. And don’t worry, I’ll stay co-leader! ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, if you want to know why I’m retiring, I’ll try to explain you:

I’m not the worst at school. It’s not important what I’m doing at school right now, because my situation was always like that. I’m lazy in real life. I like to meet friends and then do nothing. ๐Ÿ˜€ So yea, don’t judge me for that, that’s me! ๐Ÿ˜€ So nowadays, it’s almost the same situation. A few changes which are most important: I have to learn more, when I learn more I have less time to meet friends, to do sports etc. Well, I have time at weekend for playing MC2, but most of the time I want to meet friends. Now there are a few hours left. And I don’t want to use them for playing MC2. I use some time for Palringo, the rest is just for chilling!

So for me, school and friends in real life are more important. I hope everone feels the same about that. You just need to realize it. I’ve been addicted to Palringo and MC2. It sounds so stupid, but it’s true!

Also, another reason why I’m retiring is: HACKING! Hacking, nading, camping etc. MC2 is full of hackers, who camp and nade. That’s so gay! Almost everyone is hacking nowadays. Where’s the fun? If you tell me that you hack because MC2 is a poor game: WHY DO YOU EVEN PLAY IT? -_- Sorry but that’s stupid! Okay that’s all about retiring.

Now to the co-leader and training / private matches thing.

  1. I’ll stay co-leader because I love writing for our blog and to do stuff for TFF! I really enjoy it, it’s better than I thought!
  2. If you need someone in a private match, ask me! If I have time, I’ll play with you.
  3. I’ll play in TFF training sessions, FOTW etc.

So as you can see, I’m not retiring 100%. I won’t do that. I can’t stop with something at one point. If I leave forever, it will take a few weeks maybe. First MC2 only, later Palringo maybe. If I have time, I might come back to iOS gaming one day. But not now! Also, when I have my new PC I’ll get A.V.A! So when I have less things to do at school: GET READY FOR PIZZARAAAAAAPE! ๐Ÿ˜€

Thanks to all the people who helped me to get better at MC2! I never was the best player, or a real pro, but I enjoyed it and TFF helped me so much! Thanks for giving me the chance for TFF, thanks for helping me, thank you all! I love all TFFs, and I hope that you know that! ๐Ÿ˜› Thanks to Cobrita, who trained with me alot! And to the other TFFs, who played with me in the training sessions! Well, now this post has over 500 words, and I think it’s enough! ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s all! I’m out.