First of all.. this game is gonna be epic =DD
I just skipped over the review and it’s gonna be slightly like Modern Combat 2 with the online modes etc.
But there’s gonna be a LOT of new weapons so I can’t wait for this to come out…

Snippets from the review:
“Weapons are always the be all and end all of FPS’s and NOVA 2 comes packing with more than a dozen weapons including hand guns, the assault rifle, shotgun, automatic shotgun, sniper rifle, rocket launcher, grenade launcher, alien plasma gun, alien lightning gun, alien rail gun, turrets, frag grenades, and mines… Pheww! I had hands-on with a few of these, and by far my favourite was the rocket launcher. It packed a serious punch against the larger foes, and included a cool lock-on feature”

“Not available for play was the multiplayer offering, and Gameloft seem to be going bigger with it this time round. No doubt utilising the same perk-based structure of the excellent Modern Combat 2 multiplayer, NOVA 2 includes 10 player action (5 on 5) and five modes; Free-for-all, Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag, freeze tag and a mode called instagib”

The rest of the review is mainly about the story and gameplay…

This is gonna be pretty awesome with five online modes which is slightly more than MC2 so on NOVA, it’ll be something to look forward to.

I recommend everyone to get NOVA 2 because judging from the multiplayer, it’s gonna be like MC 2’s, maybe even better =D
And it would be great to make TFF a Multi-Gaming Clan…



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11 Responses to NOVA 2 – ONLINE/WEAPONS INFO!!! =D

  1. MissTikaL says:

    yea i also just had a look at this, i can’t wait.

    definitely gonna be getting this

    • COOL 🙂

  2. TFF_kuzal80_OR says:

    Yayyy! Awesome!!

  3. TFF_NastyNas_PF says:

    *Reads through entire post multiple times. Almost posted a comment asking for a link to the full review and then realizes there is one already Whoops!*

    Sounds good. I don’t know if I’m gonna get it when it first comes out maybe after Christmas with the insane amounts of iTunes giftcards I’m gonna get lol. Hopefully it won’t be so hacker-friendly again.

  4. TFF_NastyNas_PF says:

    And has anyone else been having this problem, I cannot sign into Gameloft Live on my computer anymore it says I have to sign in through Facebook. Something I don’t want to do. It’s a weird annoying stupid thing haha.


      I’m having the same problem but its actually pretty good cause you can get trophies via facebook lol 😛

  5. TTFF_Lamitie11 says:

    I r soooooo getting NOVA 2. Did it give a price? I have a little over 10 dollars on my itunes account.

    • Nah it didn’t give a price but that should be enough.

      MC2 is under 10 dollars so i’m guessing Nova 2 will be the same…

  6. TFF_PREDATOR_PF says:


  7. XxRevolveRxX says:

    Good clan…..change your tag in Xx………..xX tnks

    • ^LOLmuch?
      And did you even ask before putting TFF in your name?

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